Desk/Dressing table in Green Mother of Pearl

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Desk/Dressing table in Pink Bone inlay

This Pink Bone dressing table was ordered as part of a bedroom set with a Pink bone Roman stool and 2 Pink bone 2 drawer bedside tables pictured below. As all the items were made at the same time we could ensure a precise colour match. The customer was very specific about the shade of Pink so we sent over a few options of different shades of Pink and she chose this baby Pink colour. We were also able to send the customer pictures from India durning the manufacture process to ensure she was happy with the colour. As with all our bespoke furniture we quality checked the items prior to delivery to ensure the drawers were all running smoothly and to double check there had been no damage in transit. If you would like to order some matching inlay furniture of any colour please contact us on 01273671443 or email
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Grey Bone inlay geometric Headboard for double bed

This Grey Bone geometric headboard was designed by our head inlay specialist in Udaipur for a client in India. Would you like to order something similar? You can review a host of bone inlay patterns and colours on our sister web site here If you see an inlay pattern you like and wish to order a bone inlay bed please call 01273671443 or email
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Sideboard in Charcoal with Mother of Pearl vine pattern

This large bespoke sideboard with cupboards and drawers was ordered for a customer in Hove. Below you can see the drawings he sent in as part of the design collaboration with Iris. The customer selected some of the photos from the web site and other photos that we had emailed him and then put together the brief you can see below. The sideboard was a large 180cm in width with two large drawers above four cupboards, with a shelf halfway up each cupboard. If you would like to start your design collaboration with Iris you can start by calling us (01273671443) or by sending an email to
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Chest of 7 drawers in Blue bone inlay Geo Flower pattern

For additional storage space many of our customers choose the larger 7 drawer version of our inlaid chests of drawers. This one displays a new pattern designed by our head designer in Udaipur which fuses the floral motif of traditional inlay with a geometric design. We have made these chests of drawers up to 180cm wide in the past. You can see a much wider selection of inlaid chests of drawers here You can choose the colour, inlay pattern and dimensions, please email for a quote.
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Mosque in Kuwait City

These beautiful ornate Mosque doors were made by our suppliers...
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Abalone and Mother of Pearl round Sinks

The stunning shimmer created by Abalone shell sinks will give you bathroom that added wow factor. We can commission these in any size or shape and even order mirror frames to match. Put the finishing touch to your bathroom by contacting Iris Furnishing today to start your bespoke order. As well as Abalone and Mother of Pearl we can commission sinks in Malachite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Lapis, Agate and White Quartz.
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Bespoke white metal bar

This bespoke bar was for a local customer who had previously ordered a bespoke white metal av unit and a bespoke white metal dressing table. She loved them so much, she decided to have a large bar made for her new conversion. Caroline came into the shop to discuss design ideas with us. We assisted her every step of the way to ensure the design was structurally sound as well as functional with a few extra special features such as the glass mirrored top. The dimensions of this double tiered bar are 77cm deep x 160cm wide x 120cm tall and it was priced at £1450
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Desk in White Mother of Pearl with cupboards

A customer called Madeleine ordered this bespoke desk in mother of pearl. She wanted storage space for her box files so we designed this desk with cupboards instead of drawers. You can see an image of the desk under manufacture below. Also below you cam see the photoshop mock up we agreed on before manufacture began. If you would like a handmade inlaid writing desk for your office or study we can help you with the design process. You can send simple sketches, professional drawings or just describe the item in an email or over the phone.
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Desk/Dressing Table in White Mother of Pearl with 6 drawers

The design of this White Mother of Pearl 6 drawer desk allows for maximum storage solutions while retaining the elegance and showcasing the craftsmanship of our Indian inlaid furniture. We can't take the credit for the design, as with most of our bespoke furniture its the customers vision that is realised in this process. If you wish to combine the decorative qualities of Rajasthani artistic endeavor with the functionality of practical furniture why not start your design collaboration with Iris Furnishing? The customer who ordered this dressing table also ordered a stool to match (see below.) To order your bespoke furniture please email
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Pink Mother of Pearl desk/dressing table

This fun and bright coloured pink desk was another of the bespoke desks we had made for a customer. Again inspiration was taken from the standard desk on our website: The customer had a pink themed room in her house and gave us an example of the pink she wanted to achieve. Our artisans managed to get a colour match with the use of dyes in resin and then made the piece for us in 2.5 months. The desk then took a further 4 weeks to arrive in the country. If you would like to discuss colour matches for a particular room, please give us a call on (01273) 671443 or simply email us at
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